Tips for shopping with an Asian girlfriend

Shopping for couples is never a man’s cup of tea however when shopping with your date especially a woman from the Asian ethnicity the shopping experience becomes quite enjoyable. Asian women when out shopping with their boyfriends make sure that they have the man fully involved with them. Asian Women Dating for the past five years has given me a chance to observe her shopping habits from close quarters. Being involved with her side of the family and friends gave me a chance to mingle with them freely and frequently. When dating an Asian woman or for that matter any woman you need to know the shopping pattern and habit of your date since it will help you to make better choices when you are out with her, plan your schedule accordingly and set your expectations about the shopping expedition you are going to take with your Asian girlfriend. Before moving on, bear in mind that you need to offer to pay whatever she buys even though you might be in full knowledge of the fact that she has kept a budget aside for her shopping.

shopping for necklaceShopping for couples – Jewelry

While shopping for jewelry especially an engagement ring the best thing is to surprise her. Do not take her along when you are actually making the purchase. You can take her out for window shopping and check which kind of designs suit her and what exactly she will be looking for an engagement ring. Better show her some designs online. Gifting jewelry to an Asian woman should always be a surprise.

However is she is taking the initiative to buy jewelry and wants to tag you along keep a lot of time for jewelry shopping since Asian women tend to be quite choosy while buying jewelry for themselves. Keep a big budget even if she has decided to pay it by herself you need to offer to pay.

Shopping for a home being a couple

I have bought a house jointly with my Asian girlfriend. While looking out for the house I didn’t have an iota of knowing what to look for in a house however she was very particular about very minute things and had he Feng Shui consultant visit almost three houses.

Asian women are great negotiators when it comes to making big purchases. When you are buying something big with your Asian date make sure to let her do the negotiation. Details which I would have ignored were looked after by her. Getting a good deal and a magnificent house to live was just because of her diligent research for three months. Being with her I have found that Asian women take their time to settle for big purchases but will settle for the best after research and proper market study.

Shopping for couples – A tour to the supermarket

They are experts while shopping for grocery or daily items. Barring a few things that Asian women tend to pick on a whim from a supermarket they will have their list ready and know what they need and in what quantities. Going to the supermarket has been fun for me since it did not take much time and I had the privilege of watching men drooling while their women took a whole round of the supermarket and bought all the useless stuff.

Buying clothes with an Asian woman

She has a taste for good clothes and I have been wearing clothes of her choice for the past five years. Getting compliments from your peers once you start wearing clothes of her choice will become an everyday affair. People will walk up to you to help them choose their clothes.

Shopping for clothes with Asian women is although a lengthy process since she will ask you to try a number of clothes before actually selecting the ones that suit you perfectly. While buying clothes for her she will do numerous rounds of the try room showing how all the dresses fit her. You need to give your honest feedback for her dresses. Although she has a mind of her own still she is going to take your advice and feedback. Your advice will surely be taken into account.


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