The Dos & Don’ts of Shopping With Your Girlfriend

The first experience of shopping with my Asian girlfriend at Manhattan Mall was a bit of a disaster since I was not really sure of how things would turn out. She was the one who took the initiative and invited me to accompany her after we had been dating online for a long time since she wanted to help me choose dresses and other stuff for her. Guys do not take the opportunity of shopping with girlfriend very seriously which in turn ensures a downward graph in the relationship. I was lucky enough to make amends and get another chance which of course I made sure went smoothly. Since that first bad shopping experience with a girlfriend, I have been able to ensure that whenever we are out together shopping we have the best time of your life. I have also been able to tell people how they can make their shopping with girlfriend experience more happening.

happy coupleShopping with girlfriend is any day better than dating – Never say No

While shopping with girlfriend you are never short of opportunities to come close, talk, eat and enjoy together. While dating you have very limited things to do unless planned. A date is quite a formal way to ask out someone however while shopping you are with each other for a long duration of time. Never ever turn down your girlfriend’s invitation for shopping together. Women are quite emotional about shopping and once you turn down that one invitation for shopping together you may be thrown out of her good books forever.

When shopping with girlfriend have your total focus on her

Drooling over the new play station in the window or checking out the other women while shopping with a girlfriend is a strict no-no. You need to have your total focus on her. Listen to what she has to say. Give her all your attention and if you really need to have a look at something else come another day to the market. On my first shopping adventure with her, I had the audacity to try the demo of a massage gadget which almost cost me my relationship since she was shopping for her cousin’s wedding.

woman shoppingPatience will pay while shopping with girlfriend

Men often become impatient while shopping. They will feel hunger pangs and become thirsty frequently. Plan your meal in a way that you feel hungry only after she is done with her shopping. Keep a water bottle handy to quench your thirst. And don’t dare to look at your watch. On my first shopping experience with my Asian girlfriend, I was hungry, I was thirsty and I had an important meeting lined up for which I was keeping a tab on time. She just remarked at the end that this was the worst shopping experience she had ever had. I learned my lessons the hard way.

Do not criticize her choices and don’t be dominant

Don’t make your choices public unless you are asked to do it. IF you do not like her dress don’t tell her she looks horrible or ugly in that dress. Don’t make fun of her. Better choose the one you think will fit her appropriately and tell her that you want her to go with your choice of this particular dress lovingly. She is going to love the way you take an interest while she is shopping.

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