Dream jobs list for those who want to make the most of their 20s

my dream job

Some say that 20s are for the learning and 30s for the earning, we don’t agree to this. If you want to create a good fortune and a secure future for the family then you should start your career in your early 20’s. There are some jobs that pay well in your 20s and by the time you reach your age of 30 years, you will be having huge 10 years of industry experience and tons of money in your hand (if you use and invest wisely).

Let me tell you about my dream job story that helped me create a secure future. I started the job in the early phase of my life, so when my most of the friends were busy in boozing around and dating multiple women, I was concentrating on improving my skills and was preparing for the best exposure.

List of best jobs you can do in your 20s to improve your overall skills.

Web and Graphic designer

If you feel that you have got those artistic capabilities within yourself then you can target this job. There are many companies that offer the job opportunity to entry-level designers, and you can grab the opportunity straight after your studies.

You can start your career with the graphic designer and then gradually develop yourself to be a web designer to get better remunerations. One thing that I really like about this job is its versatility, you can get much work from home projects where you can work as a freelancer instead of a regular employee.

my dream job


Its an unending sector and artificial intelligence can never take a job of a writer, you have to be really creating in being a writer and you will be able to earn good amount of money throughout your life.

Being a good writer is a life skill that is going to help you through different ways in life, you will be able to get a job or work as a freelancer or just open your blog or news website, there are endless possibilities for a writer.

Internet marketer

The whole world is moving online and all the businesses are migrating to the online world, whether it’s about buying a shirt of finding a partner, we are searching for them online.

Starting a career as an internet marketer has a great scope within itself and companies are paying a huge sum to people who are good in internet marketing and promotion.

Internet marketing might need a lot of practical knowledge and skills, we encourage you to start your career in the early 20s to reach to the top.

A programmer

Programmers are the architect of the future, but the boost in digitalization this job is not going obsolete anytime soon.

Programmers are paid really well.

Sales representative

Most of the legendary businessmen were a legendary salesman and a person who can sell is never going to die with hunger; getting a job of a sales representative is quite easy but sticking to the job is difficult.

If you find yourself as a good sales guy then you should definitely get into the sales job asap, you will require a lot of practical knowledge for faster growth.

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