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shopping bagsThe world is a crazy place. It is getting more fluid and things are becoming less significant and more fun. One of the things that are changing for sure is the mindset that people have.

Everyone is trying to conform to a weird-er society and everyone seems to be ok with it. From online memes to Spongebob sex stories, to crazy news, to weird reality shows and crazy music. One thing that is still remained the same is money. Money comes and goes. Everyone is so busy with their lives and jobs and everything else that is going on in the world that one of the things that still makes people happy is making money and spending them. This will never change. People like spending money on things they like.

Retail and shops are the places many people go to chill and get in touch with other people. There is a word that every girl knows and every guy knows how to avoid: shopping therapy. All in all, shopping is a time where people get to have fun at a place filled with pretty things that people are willing to work many hours in order to buy. Shopping is not a bad thing, but what some people forget to remember, is that shopping can also be a way to end up not surviving the month.

Many people forget that the same money that you get at the beginning of a new month is the same money that you will have until the beginning of the following month. You won’t be getting any money anytime sooner. So, shop till you drop but.. you know keep it under control.

Or.. you can keep what you buy under control. One does not have to go to the expensive part of the mall or the high, lush-named street in their town. Many of the treasures can be found in the most unexpected places. Have you ever been to a thrift shop? If not just know, thrift shops are places where you find some incredible stuff.

In addition to thrift stores, you always have the dollar stores to spend some coins at! From quirky mugs to crazy plushies to funny hats, plates, kitchenware, socks and so much more… Just don’t be deceived by the attractive price. You can fill your basket in no time and dollars become tens of dollars in no time.

For a break from life, become a retail refugee and #relax!

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