The Biggest Malls That We Plan to Visit

Going out shopping with her has always been fun. She is one shopaholic. Last week she shared her dream of shopping in the biggest malls of the world one day. These are the few places I want to visit with her and tick off the bucket list very soon. Both of us were busy last weekend compiling and deciding on a list of the biggest malls in the world that we intend to visit over a period of two years.

The first biggest mall needs to be in vicinity

While deciding on the biggest malls to visit the first choice was obviously the nearest mall we could have visited in the next one month. We have decided to visit the King of Prussia Mall next month. This is one of the biggest malls in the US located in the community of Prussia in Upper Merion Township in the northwest of Philadelphia state. What makes this mall special is the presence of a collection of luxury retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Primark. The mall boasts of almost 400 stores. A Shoppers paradise what my girlfriend commented when I selected it as the first one to visit.

The Chinese have one of the biggest malls worth visiting

woman shopping

Being a frequent traveler to China for my business my girlfriend suggested that we visit the South China Mall somewhere around Christmas. Good suggestion I remarked since I have been to the South China Mall with a business associate last summer and found it to be quite impressive in terms of its size and the number of stores it has Although dubbed as a ghost mall initially it has sprung back into life with a lot of people visiting it and many stores doing brisk business there. Having a degree in business management my girlfriend is quite interested in visiting this mall to get a first-hand experience since she needs some material for her thesis of how a business succeeds or fails.

Talk about biggest Malls Dubai Mall steals the show

dubai shopping experienceDubai is the Mecca for shoppers. This is one place where holidaying means shopping till you drop dead. Next year vacations have been planned to Dubai by me and my girlfriend. The Dubai Mall considered as one of the biggest malls in the world in terms of gross leasable area. With almost 1200 shops within the mall, it was one of the most visited buildings on the planet in 2011. Going to the Dubai Mall is in itself an entertaining experience with 22 cinema screens, 120 restaurants, and cafes along with the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. The SEGA Republic is another attraction which houses almost 150 amusement games. The Dubai mall is surely a must visit for people who love shopping and we as a couple will be there early next year probably on vacations to celebrate our three years of togetherness. Since Dubai Mall has a hotel with 250 rooms in it I will try and get accommodation there itself to save the traveling time between shopping and going back to the hotel.

The idea of visiting the biggest malls was something that came to me while I was pondering over the activities that could make our relationship stronger and allow us to do things together that were of interest to both of us. She loves shopping and I love to see her happy and smiling. My frequent travels do give me an opportunity to take her along with me and pacify her shopping cravings from stores and shopping malls.

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