Online shopping vs. in store Shopping

Online shopping has taken a big chunk of the market share from the traditional shopping scenario. The concept of online marketing has made it possible for a couple to sit on the couch and order anything right from a pizza to the choicest of clothing and home furnishing. In short, almost anything and everything can be ordered online and it is delivered to your doorsteps. However, the real fun and feel of shopping for me with my girlfriend is still in the traditional mode of shopping.

Traditional shopping a romantic walk for the couple

We as a couple get to hold hands while walking in the mall. We love the time we are out there together exploring new stores instead of sitting on the couch and comparing things via the predefined parameters on the website. We love to touch and feel anything that we are buying collectively before actually paying for it and bringing it home.

shopping catalogueOnline shopping essential in today’s scenario

It does not really mean that online shopping is not really a thing for a couple. We have our share of online shopping as a couple. She spends a lot of time on the web and has her wish list updated almost every week. We spend a considerable time pondering over the things she has shortlisted for her, me and of course us. Whenever we do not feel going out we make sure that we don’t kill the shopping bug and start looking out for new shopping portals that can take care of our needs.

Shopping in itself is a great bonding factor among couples

Where online shopping offers a sense of comfort and ease and allows the partner to gift something based on the choice and taste of his or her partner traditional shopping makes sure that you move out and get social attention instead of just sitting in and dating online each other. Traditional shopping offers you a time window to spend time together as a couple, eat out, meet new people and feel each other’s presence in your respective worlds. It is a kind of bonding and reassurance from the man when he walks behind you in the mall or the store that he is always there for you.

Buying clothes in traditional shopping for girlfriend is the best experience for me

romantic couple

Helping my girlfriend choose the correct dress for her is the highlight of any shopping trip I have undertaken with her. I like the time when she walks in and out of the try room every time with a new dress on and I have to review and give feedback to her from each angle. This is not really possible when we are shopping online. Time and the kind of product we need to buy are the crucial elements we as a couple tend to look at while deciding if we need to go in for online shopping or traditional shopping.

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