Shopping a new Hookah

As you may already know, we are really fans of chilling and smoking hookah. Unfortunately, we had an accident and our dog broke our lovely old hookah. Our hookah (RIP) was a beautiful full glass al-fakher masterpiece. Nevertheless, now it is time to get a new one.

How did the hookah break

Last weekend when we were in chilling and smoking our favorite shisha flavor, our dog accidentally broke our beloved glass pipe. Off course and I was mad at Max (our dog’s name is Max), but eventually, I got over it and I decided that it was about time that I would upgrade to a more professional hookah.

smoking shishaHow I choose my new hookah

As I learned from ShishaHeart from their “best hookah guide“, there are many parameters that you should look for when choosing a new product. One of them (most important for my girlfriend) was the design and the type of hookah. She was in love with our previous one, so we decided that we should go for a similar one. Eventually, we chose to buy a glass one since we were very happy with the previous one.

I started looking at various “models” while I had the ShishaHeart guide as my guidance. Eventually, I chose a beautiful product. After I bought it, I was glad that I did from the first time I used it! The flavor and the design were amazing!


Most of the hookahs nowadays are produced in China. However, if you are serious about getting a quality product you should try to source one that is produced in Syria, Lebanon, India, Turkey, Egypt etc. This is what I did myself. I ended up buying a hookah that was made in Lebanon but designed by a modern company.


It is being said that solid brass pipes are the best! However, I do not agree with this since I tried many products, I was not able to realize the hype about solid brass hookahs. On the other hand, full glass pipes seem to produce better smoke, bigger amounts of smoke but also are way cleaner than the other types of hookahs. Therefore, I chose to buy a full glass one (My girlfriend insisted on this so I couldn’t avoid this).

2018 Update:

Shishaheart created a new, updated guide that is about choosing an all-glass hookah in 2018. If you are interested in glass hookahs then this guide will definitely help you choose the best one available!


Many say that the height is a very important element when choosing a new hooka. Next one that is going to tell me this, I will just make sure to shout at his face “Stop the crap”. Height is no by any means an important factor of choosing a hookah when it comes to performance. On the other hand, hookah base is what makes the difference. I was assured by this when I read an article from the guys at ShishaHeart, but also here. That being said, I chose a not so tall hookah but also not a short one. I pick up a wide vase base, however.

Multiple Hoses

I am personally a fun of single hose hookahs. I mean, I get it, multiple hosed hookahs are better when smoking in a group. But hey, you can still pass the same hose over to your buddies and still enjoy the same taste. Based on this I chose a single hose hookah.

The Choice

It is time to show you my new hookah:

couple smoking hookah

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