Gifts for a girlfriend or boyfriend with a different style to you!

Gift giving is an art. It takes a deep sense of knowing your partner in his or her different angles for one to be very good at giving gifts. There is a notion that men generally are on to gadgets or pricey clothing apparels. But what if you are on a budget?  Then you have to consider your budget so you have to look for inexpensive gifts for men and the best gift for women.

To get clues, shop where your partner shops frequently or ask their friend a little advice on what to buy.  If you shop around, you will find that there are lots of inexpensive holiday gift ideas for him and for her. Most of these are romantic, thoughtful but inexpensive gifts for men and best gifts for her.

For him


Women find it hard to come up with a birthday gift that the man can appreciate. This is especially true if you have not been in a relationship for that long. Men, in general, like practical gifts thus, he might not take pleasure in a stuffed toy that will just be stacked somewhere and collect dust.

A good way to start is looking at his hobbies and interests.  What is occupying his time in his man cave or in the garage? Is he into drawing, cooking or strumming guitars? You need to pay attention to the wishes of your boyfriend. Then look into how long you have been in the relationship. You also have to consider how much are you going to spend for it.


Who does not appreciate a wallet? It is very practical and classical. Yet, there are a lot of types of wallet to choose from that will suit his unique, quite different personality.


Nowadays, smartwatches need not be that expensive. You just have to select pones that best fit the need of your boyfriend. He can pair this with a cellphone and will be amused by its functions.

Heated Back Massager

These will quickly soothe away any aches and pains. It has motors for different motions in massages. Your boyfriend may choose the area in the back that needs extra attention to relax the muscles. All these will he is just setting in his chair at home or in the office.


Wireless Touch Speaker

This speaker needs no cables or LAN connection. The audio device is just placed on top the speaker and it will immediately amplify the sound. Your boyfriend will like it no – fuss function.

Memory stick

This gift is not really that common as boyfriends who are fond of downloading and keeping files will appreciate the extra memory storage he gets from you.


These would come in handy for his workout or outdoor adventures as water is a necessity at all times. There are lots of print and designs you can choose from. Or maybe yet just select a plain one to make things simple.

For her


Women, on the other hand, would love the romance from the gifts. You need to be well aware of the uniqueness of your woman to select what is best for her. You need not splurge and hurt your wallet. A thoughtful gift will be most appreciated


Running Shoes

It is a trend nowadays for women to be wearing rubber shoes in a mesh. It comes in unimaginable colors and a great price variability. This is not only for her active lifestyle but women seem to be pairing them up with any style of clothing. These shoes are very comfortable.

Personalized throw pillow

Let her have a memento of your love and let her be reminded of it. Throw pillows can be personalized to contain texts, pictures and even glitters. Plus she can surely use it in the office for quick naps or for relaxation in her office chair.



You will never run out of choices for earrings starting with the birthstone, textile – wrapped and moonstones earrings.  You can select and customize chandelier earring based on the uniqueness of your girlfriend.



It is difficult just to purchase one scarf as there are lots of choices for different selections. Silk scarves are for formal occasions or even for the office. Jersey and cotton scarves are for traveling or even just for a quick errand.


Scented Candles

Lots of girls are addicted to scented candles and are even collecting them. Choose one that has a favorite scent of you girl and has a beautiful design in its container. Perfect for as a decoration and she may never light it ever because of its beauty.


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