Working in retail can be both a dream and a nightmare

How is working in retail? It can go both ways. It can be great and bad at the same time. The thing is it all depends on the choices you make when applying for a job. It all depends. Is it a small independent store or a large retail chain. Basically, when working for a small independent store the experience is generally good and personable but when working in a large retail chain, it can be stressful and horrifying.

Pros and cons of retail jobs

The hours

The thing with working in retail is that its a 24 hour affair. There is the off loading, selling, stock taking. So one good thing is that you might have flexible hours because of this. However, if its the shift kind of job, sometimes it can be quite inconveniencing.

Career progression

This is when you need to be careful. If its a large supply chain for instance, there is hope for career growth. However if its the one man show kind of store, it’s going to be quite limiting.


low wages

Most retail stores don’t pay well. So unless you are in a supervisory or managerial role, chances are you will be paid low wages. The balance between pay vs workload all depends on the kind of store you work for. So if you are lucky you might get bonuses when the company makes mega profits.

Recommendations for working in retail

Before you even apply for a retail job do a thorough research of the kind of place you aspire to work in. Pay them a visit and see how busy they are. Look at how the supervisors relate with the employees working in retail. One way to know if the employees are treated right is by looking at how they treat their customers too. If the work environment is great, it will also rub off onto the customers.

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