founders of retail refugees What is RetailRefugees?

RetailRefugees was founded by myself, Andrew, and my girlfriend Lisa. When we first started dating, we both found ourselves fascinated over shopping and traveling. Our first dates involved traveling around the US and discovering small shops, our ‘little treasures’, where we could find the weirdest and most adorable stuff to add to our collection. During our treasure hunt, we were able to find many shops worth visiting but may not be accessible by a lot of people all over the US and internationally. What we decided to do next is to follow our passion and dreams!

When was RetailRefugees founded?

RetailRefugees is fairly new, since the start of 2017. Our site was initially launched as a blog, where we would share our experiences and then was transformed into an eshop where people would actually buy the precious stuff we fell in love with.

Who we are

As I previously mentioned, we are only two lovebirds – Andrew and Lisa – striving to share our passion with the world. I, Andrew, come from Phoenix, Arizona where I met the love of my life, Lisa. Lisa and I are high school sweethearts with a growing passion for shopping and searching for our little treasures.

Our brand

Why RetailRefugees? Well, this is almost self-explanatory once you read our backstory. My girlfriend and I are two typical retailers, who are looking everywhere to satisfy our shopping needs. Hence, we proclaimed ourselves as refugees. We would travel all over the world to find the small things that will make us all warm and fuzzy inside. Something like shopping nomads! We love traveling and shopping while doing it. If you share our love for shopping and if you do not want or cannot travel to acquire extraordinary and rare products, you can simply benefit from the products featured on our site at minimum cost.

retail refugees couple