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Online shopping vs. in store Shopping

Online shopping has taken a big chunk of the market share from the traditional shopping scenario. The concept of online marketing has made it possible for a couple to sit on the couch and order anything right from a pizza to the choicest of clothing and home furnishing. In short, almost anything and everything can

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The Dos & Don’ts of Shopping With Your Girlfriend

The first experience of shopping with my Asian girlfriend at Manhattan Mall was a bit of a disaster since I was not really sure of how things would turn out. She was the one who took the initiative and invited me to accompany her after we had been dating online for a long time since

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Travelling to New York has always been hectic for me. Meetings and presentations have ruled my days whenever in New York. Not next week. Couple shopping is the agenda for next week since me, and my Girlfriend whom I found on a niche dating website will be there on a leisure trip. Women just love shopping, and

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Shopping but simple

The world is a crazy place. It is getting more fluid and things are becoming less significant and more fun. One of the things that are changing for sure is the mindset that people have. Everyone is trying to conform to a weird-er society and everyone seems to be ok with it. From online memes


Lucas Ossendrijver, the menswear designer for Lanvin, was the latest subject for photog Todd “the Selby” Selby who paid a visit the Lanvin studio in Paris.  The collection of images sheds a warmer and gentler light onto the Lanvin brand, in my opinion, with rich colors and fabrics that look inviting rather than exclusive and


For all of you former Sociology students (or any liberal arts college students or grads, for that matter) who read Naomi Klein´s No Logo, how about this for a turn of events…?  McDonalds recently opened their latest Tokyo outlet with (much to Naomi Klein´s chagrin I am sure) NO LOGO.  No corporate branding including golden arches,